11 Tax Deductions For Independent Insurance Agents

Tax season is upon us. While some agents dread the inevitable sit down with their tax preparer, you’re not one of them. Unlike some insurance agents, you look forward to tax season. Every deduction you claim is validation of your impressive organization skills. Plus, who doesn’t want extra money? That’s why you’re reading this article. […]

Marketing is hard. And for some (not you of course), it seems like magic. But what many entrepreneurs sometimes forget is that the key to marketing effectively is focus. Pouring money into marketing is never the solution. As you already know, the best way to build an effective marketing machine is to build a community […]

There are over 16,450 books covering Sales and Selling on Amazon. Instead of hitting the books, we talked to the MLM industry’s top sales professionals to get their best advice for you. After all, what better industry to get sales advice from than the one that’s all hustle and strategy. In fact, these industry leaders […]

Tracking revenue and getting paid with FreshBooks is a piece of cake. But what about finding your business’ bottom line… and calculating what you owe Uncle Sam? That’s where Profit & Taxes for Freshbooks comes in. The app automatically calculates your on-going profit and estimated taxes, in real-time. With Profit & Taxes for FreshBooks, you’re […]

Whether you’re self employed, an independent contractor, or a freelancer, it can be difficult to calculate your tax rate and income. Use our tax calculator to estimate your 1099 income by week, month, quarter, or year by configuring how much and how often you plan to work.

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Derek Coburn, author of “Networking Is Not Working”. Derek Coburn, a successful wealth manager, entrepreneur, and author of “Networking Is Not Working” had a problem. Derek’s schedule was extremely busy between running two businesses and raising a family, and on top of that, he had to carve out hours each month to log all his […]

As a freelance designer, you’ve got enough to worry about between meeting deadlines for projects, understanding the needs of your clients, and building a network for future business opportunities. The last thing you need is a huge unexpected tax bill because you didn’t take all the tax deductions available to you. At Hurdlr, we’ve found […]

As a freelance software or web developer, filing and paying taxes can be frustrating, no matter where you are. The U.S. tax code can seem convoluted and labyrinthine, which often directly contradicts the logical and rational mind of a developer. As Google cofounder Sergey Brin put it, “solving big problems is easier than solving little […]

As a freelance marketer, you’re hustling every day to grow your business. One of the toughest parts of being self employed is handling your tax forms. At Hurdlr, we’ve found that most freelancers don’t take all the best tax deductions available to them – meaning they pay too much in taxes, leaving their bottom line […]

Want a copy of these deductions? Tap here to download this guide for free. If you are a speaker or author, it’s probable that the last thing on your mind is your taxes, though there’s an app for that. Between working on your latest speech or ebook and traveling to and from the next speaking […]