Less Time, Less Stress: A Hurdlr Success Story

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Derek Coburn, author of “Networking Is Not Working”.

Derek Coburn, a successful wealth manager, entrepreneur, and author of “Networking Is Not Working” had a problem. Derek’s schedule was extremely busy between running two businesses and raising a family, and on top of that, he had to carve out hours each month to log all his business expenses.

Derek’s Problem
Derek had been using QuickBooks for years to track business finances, but found he was traveling so frequently that is was weeks or months before he could get in front of his office computer to log everything. And when Derek did clear the time in his schedule, it took additional hours to cross-reference his work calendar and emails to record the precise details of business transactions that occurred months ago. While Derek was naturally adept at keeping good records, the additional legwork was frustrating.

The Solution
A friend recommended he check out Hurdlr, a mobile finance app for busy entrepreneurs and freelancers.

It didn’t take long for Derek to realize Hurdlr was saving him both time and money. “I was probably spending 20 to 30 hours a year sorting through everything before sending information to my accountant,” Derek said. “With Hurdlr, I can track earnings and expenses in real time wherever I am. It’s a huge time saver.” Not only is Derek saving time, but it’s one less thing to worry about. “I used to dread going through [my finances] on a quarterly basis,” Derek said, “now I don’t worry about it.” Derek has saved over $10,000 through tracking and taking available tax deductions.

Derek recommends to his friends and colleagues to check out Hurdlr, but thinks it’s a good system for anyone who is self-employed or does freelance work. “Regardless of what you’re using right now, it’s going to be a better solution.” Derek says he’s fortunate enough to have an excellent CPA saving him tax dollars through deductions already, but finds tremendous value in the time savings through using Hurdlr.

“I probably save 15 hours a year in organization and research on expenses. My files are way more current now, which means my accountant has to spend less time on my return and sends me a smaller bill.”

Derek plans to use the time he’s saved using Hurdlr to develop a networking course for his business, CADRE, and spend more time with his wife Melanie and their two sons.


Make more money with Hurdlr by minimizing your taxes and increasing your pay. Hurdlr seamlessly tracks your true expenses, mileage, and deductions in real-time, on the go.

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