How To Maximize Your Airbnb Profit And Income

Watch Video Now Jasper Ribbers Get Paid for your Pad Jasper Ribbers, Author of Get Paid For Your Pad, joins us to discuss how how hosts like you can maximize your Airbnb profit and income, how to properly track host finances and common mistakes Airbnb hosts make with their listings that decreases profits. For Airbnb […]

Watch Video Now Watch Video Now Derek Davis Shared Economy CPA Derek Davis is founder of Shared Economy CPA. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with professional taxation experience. He joined the sharing economy workforce in 2014 to help service the growing need for professional tax consultation. In this webinar, Derek will discuss tax […]

Watch Video Now Ian McHenry Beyond Pricing Ian McHenry, CEO of Beyond Pricing, a dynamic pricing tool for your Airbnb, VRBO, or Homeaway joins us to discuss Airbnb Pricing and how to change your price based on demand and price your Airbnb for the optimal time. You will also learn how spend more time making […]

Airbnb taxes are hard, so is being an Airbnb host. Checkout Hurdlr’s free Airbnb Tax Deductions Checklist! Hurdlr’s Accountant-in-Residence (AIR), Matt Briefer, CPA, has written an in depth, 21 page quick tax guide to help you maximize your Airbnb tax deductions and get your taxes done. To give you a preview of what’s in the […]